Customize your menu, and hide items / modifiers

Once the Clavo Hub App starts, your full Inventory will load from Clover. Once done, you may need to add some changes to make it more visible in the mobile app.

  • Customize Menu
  •  Add Description - You can add the description to an item, which will help your customer to understand what that item contains.
    • Clicking on Pencil icon will show you the text area where you can add the description for the respective item. The text area allows upto 100 characters.
    • Clicking on Save will save the description and same will be visible in the Mobile App - Menu Section.
  • Hide Items - You can hide the item, which you do not want to list in Mobile App.
    • Clicking on Hide in Mobile App Check Box will hide the selected item from Mobile App - Menu Section.
  • Customize Modifiers

Steps :

  • Click on Items from side menu
  • Click on Modifiers from top of the page.

You can see the all Modifiers group name along with their Modifiers.

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