Print order receipts

How do I print order receipts?

  1. Click on the table which you want to print the order receipts for 
  2. Select the "Pay" icon which is in-between the "Add" and "Print" icons
  3. You will be taken to "Select Guest For Checkout" screen where you will choose the payment preferences underneath the "Guest List"
  4. Once the "Guest List" preferences have been selected, click on the "Pay" button 
  5. You will then be taken to the "Pay Full Amount" screen where you will charge the customer
  6. After the customer has paid, you will be taken to the "Receipt" screen where you can select "How would the customer like their receipt?"
  7. Select "Print Order Receipt" if the customer wishes to have an order receipt
  8. The order receipt well then print, and once it is finished printing select "Done" to complete the checkout process

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